Technical Visit

Technical Visit

The technical visit for pre-registered is fully booked. Thank you for booking!

Date & Time
Saturday, November 11 9:00-16:00
Meeting Point
Entrance of the Conference Venue
(Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Meeting Time
Kanazawa University
Lunch at “Kenjo-Tei” (Japanese cuisine)
Imai Kimpaku
Conference Venue *new
Kanazawa Station

The Advanced Mobility Research Institute and related labs at Kanazawa University

Kanazawa University has more than 25 years of experience in research aimed at developing autonomous driving technology for general roads, including those in urban areas. The technical visit plans to offer tours to inspect and test-ride the latest autonomous vehicles, as well as showcase research facilities for intelligent tires that detect road slipperiness, tire behavior and the like, as part of technology to enhance safety.

Visit at the following link to find information about the lab.

Imai Kimpaku

We will provide you an experience of traditional crafts "the sheet of Kinpaku (Gold leaf)". Kanazawa boasts a 99% share of Japan's gold leaf production. Kanazawa's environment is suited to making gold leaf, and it has flourished here since the Edo period (17-19 century). Gold leaf manufacturing is also important for the restoration of national treasures and important cultural properties, and Kanazawa's expertise in this field is world-class.

Imai Kimpaku
Imai Kimpaku

Lunch: Kenjo-Tei

This restaurant is located in the garden “Kenroku-En” and serve you lunch box named “Treasure box of Kanazawa” which includes local dishes. This box is inspired by a lunch box for the federal lord in Edo period.


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